A night on earth: Rainforest, Amazon, Ecuador (-1.076094, -77.612354)

This night was recorded in the middle of the tropical rainforest, in the reserve and biological station of “Jatun Sacha” in Amazonia, Ecuador.

The recording starts at the end of the afternoon, with a chorus of birds and insects. We hear the birds playing in the branches of the trees.
Then the crickets rise in intensity, at the same time as the strange call of an exotic bird. Some hypnotic sounds announce the sunset and the begin of the night.
Gently the wind rises as darkness sets in.
The amphibians start singing, their calls resonant and bouncing back into the night.
Then towards the end of the night a little tropical rain gently punctuates the song of frogs.

Dawn arrives at the same time as the singing of the birds that begin to awake.
A cacique and a woodpecker, not far from the microphone, express their joys as the sun rises.
Little by little the rain lower in intensity, leaving room for songs and flies of parakeets, caciques and other birds.

Microphones: MS Sennheiser (MKH 8040-30)

Recorder: Sound Device MixPre 10T

GPS coordinates: -1.076094, -77.612354


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