The idea is to lay a floor that isolate the truck from the cold, but also noise and vibrations. For this we will create a floor to isolate as much as possible, but also to leave space for various electrical wiring.

  • Drilling the floor to pass the different water pipes to the future external tanks:


Insulation: Blackson for acoustic and anticorrosion:



Pipes fitting


multilayer insulation


Wooden floor



Clean and waste watertanks

Clean and waste watertanks :


  • 27-liter waste water tank, located under the truck

  • 27 liters tank of clean water, under the side window:


The whole will be completed by a 55 liters clean water tank, arranged behind the driver and passenger seats, for a total of  clean water of 80 liters approximately.


thermal and acoustic isolation, assembly of the furniture kit (Kapam) :


Electrical part: 220v outlets (220v gray plug from the 12v converter, 220v white plug from the external socket, Focal speakers)

USB and electrical outlet :


Sink and hob, stationary heating:


Offroad Preparation!

For a good field recording, you have to go offroad (paved roads), and look for places where there is no human activity. In Alaska or South America, roads are sometimes just dirt tracks. Although our truck is already 4 wheels drive, but some transformations allow him to support the dirt tracks and the wilderness.


planned :

  • Raise the truck by changing the shock absorbers, for the river crossing and broken roads
  • Replacement of original tires with off-road tires
  • diesel pre-filter, to pre-filter the diesel and separate the water from it
  • Chassis protection, for broken roads
  • Elevation of the air intake, for river crossing

And some offroad accessories:

  • Desenlisement plate
  • Shovel
  • Kinetic traction strap
  • 12V air compressor
  • Jerrican additional fuel
  • Tire repair kit

Photos :

  • Shock absorber kit Desert HD (Seikel)
  • Grabber tire AT3 – ALL/ TERRAIN 235/ 70R16 -110/ 107S
  • Side bar protections


  • Under Chassis plate (engine, tank, differential, exhaust)


  • Diesel pre-filter


  • gearbox aeration and vent bridge, for river crossing

  • Elevation of the air intake, for river crossing

  • additional jerrican



Lifting roof!

After a small 10-day trip test in Norway, we realized that life together, bent in the truck, would soon be unbearable … physically and morally. So we opted for a lift roof, like the old VW combis. Several advantages:

  • You can standup in the entire length of the van
  • You have a extra sleeping space at the top, and leave the bottom space to eat and work
  • You have good ventilation in case of strong heat
    -> So we chose a Hilo Roof, which seemed ideal.


Because we carry a lot of sound equipment, and all our stuff, we don’t want to stress every time we leave the van, so, we ask us quickly about securing the van.  We thought especially of cases, where we will obliged to leave the van, for example when crossing ocean by boat (Roro)  (we must leave the key to load / unload the truck on the boat)

So we created a modular partition that we can remove, if necessary.

-installation of a removable partition, but especially compact (for the storage;) between the driver’s cabin and the living space
-Removable grid on the windows
-reinforcement of the locks of the rear doors
-more other measures that we let discover to future intruders …;)

Removable plates in place! It consists of metal transverse bars with thin aluminum plates. Everything can be disassembled and lodges in the cupboards without taking up space, thank you Daddy! 😉


Removable grid on windows:


Reinforced lock :