Because we carry a lot of sound equipment, and all our stuff, we don’t want to stress every time we leave the van, so, we ask us quickly about securing the van.  We thought especially of cases, where we will obliged to leave the van, for example when crossing ocean by boat (Roro)  (we must leave the key to load / unload the truck on the boat)

So we created a modular partition that we can remove, if necessary.

-installation of a removable partition, but especially compact (for the storage;) between the driver’s cabin and the living space
-Removable grid on the windows
-reinforcement of the locks of the rear doors
-more other measures that we let discover to future intruders …;)

Removable plates in place! It consists of metal transverse bars with thin aluminum plates. Everything can be disassembled and lodges in the cupboards without taking up space, thank you Daddy! 😉


Removable grid on windows:


Reinforced lock :


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