Hey audio folks! our new sound library : « WILDERNESS AMERICAS : AMAZON RAINFOREST » is out on asoundeffect :


Wilderness Americas : Amazon Rainforest is a collection of sounds captured in the West part of the Amazon basin (El Oriente) across 3 South American countries : Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

This library focuses on the wildlife and wilderness sounds of the Amazon rainforest/jungle. 
Reaching the Amazon region is not easy and need many resources and time.
Also the weather conditions are very bad for people and audio equipment: Extreme humidity, rain and heat don’t work great with microphones and recorders.
We have selected audio gear specifically for this purpose: Tropicalized microphones : sennheiser MKH 8020 and MKH 30 series in a surround configuration + a world-renowned recorder : Sound devices Mixpre 10T. We also brought a humidity-proof microphone basket (Cinela)
This weather-proof setup permitted us to record even under strong tropical rain. (We have also a special mic cover which reduces the sound of raindrops on the microphone basket)

We have always focused on places where they protect and respect the “Selva” (Forest), especially places like National Parks, Research Stations or community places.
-> We went recording in these places: 

Madidi National Park(BOLIVIA), 

Podocarpus National Park (Ecuador),

-“Jatun Sasha” biological station (Ecuador),

-The forest around the Rio Napo (an affluent connection to the amazon river) (Ecuador),

-The “Reserva de Produccion Faunistica Cuyabeno” (Ecuador),

-The region around Mocoa, between Santa Rosa Canyon and the Paway Reserva (Colombia).

We used “sound trap” technics for long and immersive recordings: We hid microphones and protected recorders in a waterproof bag and let it sit for days and nights in the middle of the rainforest (usually 24 hours of non-stop recording).
This system allowed us to record the sunrise, dawn chorus, and sunset – times where the animals are more active.
Here is some animals we have recorded :

Exotics Birds and more, especially parrots, parakeet, cuckoo, Oro Pendulo, cacique, magpie, etc.
Insects and more, especially crickets, cicadas, mosquitos, flies, etc.
Mammal : Amazonian flying squirrel, spider monkeys, and howler monkeys
Amphibians: Frogs, toads

Each sound recording are tagged with GPS coordinates and full Soundminer metadata.

-The Full sound bank (Stereo + Surround/Ambisonic) contains 117 sound takes recorded in 24/96khZ (Total length : 566 minutes) and decline in 351 files

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